V-Console and V-Panner for Laptop Web Browsers

V-Control Pro 2 provides the amazing ability to use controller web apps on a laptop running in a web browser. Even if the device does not have a multi-touch screen, it is incredibly handy to grab a laptop and get the advantages of a large screen, trackpad control, and wireless or wired networking. V-Console and V-Panner are available for OSX or Windows laptop browsers.

How to Setup a browser to control Pro Tools:

  • Launch V-Control Pro 2 on the host┬ácomputer
  • Launch Pro Tools on the host computer
  • Open your web browser on the secondary computer you would like to control Pro Tools from
  • Go to vcontrolpro.com
  • Click on ‘V-Console’ or ‘V-Panner’
  • Click on “Install”
  • Enter a Device name in the field
  • Click on the Gear Icon in the lower left hand corner to Open the V-Console or V-Panner Settings
  • Click on “Computer” and select the host┬ácomputer running V-Control Pro 2 to connect