You can use practically any MIDI device to control your DAW with V-Control Pro 2.

With V-Control Pro 2, you can map specific functions to control your DAW directly onto your MIDI hardware device.  It is a great way to control recording and playback when using a MIDI keyboard, for example. This way you can spend more time creating and less time with the mouse and keyboard.

How to setup your MIDI Device with the Pro Tools Transport:

  • Connect your MIDI Device to the computer
  • Launch V-Control Pro 2
  • Launch Pro Tools
  • Go to “Controllers” and select “+ Add new”
  • Name the device and select MIDI as the type
  • Set the Input and Output to the  MIDI device
  • In “My Set Ups” select “+ Add new”
  • Select the MIDI controller and “Pro Tools” and click “OK”
  • Click on the “+” button to add a new control
  • Click “Learn” and press a control on the MIDI Device you would like to map
  • Click on the drop down menu under the “Pro Tools” section and select “Transport/Play” to map the Play function to that MIDI control
  • Repeat for all the commands in the Transport for Pro Tools