V-Console Features

The Ultimate 8/16 Fader Controller for iOS Android and Web Browsers

V-Console is now more powerful than ever with a major upgrade including a host of new features and now available as a free iOS Native, Android and web browser app to perfectly suit your preferred control platform. V-Console requires V-Control Pro 2 software installed on your media computer to provide connectivity and control to your audio and video applications.

V-Console iPhone iPad Macbook

Auto-Sensing Wired Connectivity for iPads – NEW FEATURE

Unique to V-Control 2 systems is the ability to auto-select hard-wired Lightning cable connection via USB, including via USB hubs, from iPads to the main media computer. Connect a Lightning USB cable and V-Console automatically switches control to Wired from Wi-Fi. This offers some major advantages over wi-fi:

  • Simpler setup especially on weaker wi-fi networks
  • Use when wi-fi is not allowed such as in some audio-post facilities
  • Use in venues or public places where wi-fi is non-existent or weak
  • Faster and more responsive as connection is not fighting for bandwidth from other wi-fi traffic
  • Perfect for high-bandwith 16 fader control applications
iPad V-Console 16-fader Wired Connection

Pro Fader Features For The Ultimate Mix

V-Console is an 8-fader pro controller, although some applications such as Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic Pro X (Logic Pro x 16-fader skin is shown in the photo) also support 16 faders. Multi-touch allows for adjustment of multiple moving faders simultaneously and automation mode switching is available for each track for fast and intuitive mixing. Get fast access to pans and aux sends and flip faders to sends for more precise send and foldback levels.

Control sessions of any size. Simply two-finger-swipe the iPad to navigate left or right to the previous/next group of 8/16 tracks or single-finger-swipe to move one fader at a time.

Logic X 16-Fader iPad

32-Fader Touch-Sensitive Console

V-Control Pro 2 supports up to 32-faders on two tablets with most audio applications including Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Cubase. If you use two iPads, you can directly wire these, via USB hubs if necessary, to your main media computer for fast responsive control without the need for WiFi.

Set both screens to control faders or switch the second tablet to show function keys, V-Window or surround panner. No other system offers this flexibility.

32-Track V-Console iPad Wired

V-Window Feature for Controlling Plug-ins – NEW FEATURE

V-Window is a feature unique to V-Control Pro that allows plug-ins to be directly controlled from your iOS or Android tablet, or web browser, using the actual screen plug-in GUI. This feature was available in the original legacy V-Control Pro 1 iPad app and has now been added to V-Console. Open a plug-in from your DAW and then select it to show in a floating window in V-Console. The plug-in screen can be resized and zoomed in for complete tactile control.

Pro Tools V-Window in V-Console

Serious Edit Functions for Faster Creativity

There is a full-featured “editing commands” window in most skins with a ton of keys specific to that application that include edit commands, memory locators, zoom tools, window commands and extra controls such as scrub and shuttle.

Each skin is different to match features in each application, which means that V-Control is tailored to get the most out your favorite app – the image shows the Edit Window in Live.

Live Edit Window

Automation Control, Keypad and Memory Location Pop-ups

With Automation Control, you can easily set the different automation modes to work with each individual channel. Also, you can easily toggle which parameters are Write enabled by selecting it in the pop-up window. V-Console makes it simple to read or write automation to get you the mix you need in record time.

V-Console provides immediate access to the keypad pop-up window allowing access to more functions and inputting numerical values. In Pro Tools, for example, toggle the metronome, nudge the playhead, enter specific Timecode and much more with the keypad.

Using V-Console, quickly create Markers and easily navigate between marker locations with simple touches for truly efficient workflow and simple location during a record session.

V-Console Pop-up Windows

Transport & Jog/Shuttle Wheel

V-Console includes a full set of transport controls that follows the counter format of the main application, including access to features like Preroll and Postroll. Transport controls can be set to the top or bottom of the screen and there is an option to show a large counter display.

There is also an option to use a Scrub/Shuttle wheel accessed from the edit pop-up window. The wheel can be set to transparent so you can see the underlying faders and meters. Some skins such as the Premiere Pro skin for video editing include this as a permanent feature.

V-Console Transport and Wheel Functions

Multiple Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and 32 Fader Setups

V-Console is compatible with most devices available today. Both V-Console and the V-Panner app work on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones as well as web browsers. Most applications support up to 4 devices so you can control your DAW with combinations such as a 16-fader V-Console, V-Panner controlling two surround panners, and a Smartphone running V-Console as in the image opposite.

You can also run 8-fader V-Consoles on 2, 3 or 4 tablets for 16, 24 or 32 faders of control.

Multiple Controllers

Works With Top Media Applications

V-Console is compatible with the top media applications in the industry and has individual skins for most applications to match the look and features of your favorite app. There are also special versions of some skins to support the very high res of the iPad Pro with additional buttons.

V-Console currently supports: Cubase, Digital Performer, Live, Logic Pro X, Mackie Control, MIO Console, Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, Studio One, Tracktion

V-Control Pro Media Apps

Pro Tools Surround Panning Included with V-Console

The tablet app includes two panner grids allowing for simultaneous touch panning of two separate tracks. The panner works with all formats from stereo to 7.1. The four arrows under each grid move that grid to different tracks and from the main out pan to aux send pans by using the up/down arrows. The selected track/aux pans are highlighted in Pro Tools so you can see the target for each grid. The ‘Win’ button open/closes the related panner window in Pro Tools. For stereo tracks being panned into surround, a single V-Console panner grid controls the linked actions of the two Pro Tools pan screens. Deselecting the ‘Link’ button in the Pro Tools pan window allows the grid to be switched between the left or right pan using the ‘L/R’ button.

V-Panner with Pro Tools

V-Console iPad App Includes Dolby Atmos Panner

V-Console includes the surround panner feature for pro tools that can be found the V-Panner app. The iPad version of V-Console now also includes a Dolby Atmos® pan screen for controlling the Dolby Atmos plug-in in Pro Tools. When using an iPad, V-Console can connect directly to the computer, without WiFi, using the Apple lightning to USB, or 30-pin to USB, cables which provides ultra-fast response and compatibility with secure facilities.

The Dolby Atmos plug-in is used to create spatial 3D panning for object tracks in Pro Tools on the dubbing stage. The 3D panning data from the Dolby Atmos plug-in is sent to the Dolby Rendering and Mastering Unit otherwise known as the RMU together with direct audio output of the object track. The new Dolby Atmos pan screen in the V-Console iPad app directly controls the object panning in the Dolby Atmos plug-in allowing for more creative movement control of the object from the iPad screen. This is the first and only touch-screen Dolby Atmos controller available.

The Dolby Atmos iPad screen includes controls for Z Elevation, and Wedge, Ceiling and Sphere Elevation modes as well as an object size control, mirroring controls in the plug-in.

iPad V-Console Dolby Atmos with plugin iPad wired