Legacy V-Control Pro 1

V-Control Pro 1V-Control Pro 1 for iPad has been the ultimate, professional iPad control surface app since 2012. The latest version 1.9 is fully functional and compatible with V-Control Pro 2. Ney-Fi has been renamed to V-Control Pro 2. Launch V-Control Pro 2 on your desktop computer instead of Ney-Fi and use V-Control Pro for iPad just as before.  No additional license is necessary. V-Control Pro 1 for iPad works seamlessly with V-Console, V-Remote for Apple Watch, and V-Panner.

Upgrade to V-Control Pro 2 now to get these new features:

  • iOS and Android SmartPhone Support for V-Console and V-Panner
  • 16 Fader support for V-Console
  • Wired iPad Connectivity
  • Android Tablet and Smartphones
  • V-Console and V-Panner for laptop web browsers
  • Hi-res iPad Pro skins
  • Up to 4 multiple controllers for 32 fader control or combinations such as 16 fader V-Console, V-Panner and V-Console on a SmartPhone
  • V-Console now includes V-Window and V-Panner