V-Panner Features

Touch and Remote Panning

V-Panner provides touch surround panning for Pro Tools, and stereo panning for Logic Pro X and Cubase from iOS and Android tablets and smartphones as well as from OSX or Windows browsers. V-Panner is a free app that requires V-Control Pro 2 software installed on the DAW to provide connectivity to the audio application.

SmartPhone Tablet Browser

Pro Tools Surround Panning from iOS and Android Tablets

The tablet app includes two panner grids allowing for simultaneous touch panning of two separate tracks. The panner works with all formats from stereo to 7.1. The four arrows under each V-Panner grid move that grid to different tracks and from the main out pan to aux send pans by using the up/down arrows. The selected track/aux pans are highlighted in Pro Tools so you can see the target for each grid. The ‘Win’ button open/closes the related panner window in Pro Tools. For stereo tracks being panned into surround, a single V-Panner grid controls the linked actions of the two Pro Tools pan screens. Deselecting the ‘Link’ button in the Pro Tools pan window allows the V-Panner grid to be switched between the left or right pan using the ‘L/R’ button.

V-Panner with Pro Tools

Pro Tools Surround Panning from iOS and Android Smartphones with Motion Control

The smartphone version of V-Panner includes all the tablet features from a single panner grid that can be switched between controlling two tracks using the ‘One’ and ‘Two’ buttons. In addition, the unique motion feature allows panning to be controlled by movement of the smartphone. Switching on the ‘Motion’ button and ‘Set Center’ sets the initial position of the smartphone and centers the pan. Pan movements can be rehearsed then the ‘Send’ button connects to the DAW’s pan allowing movements of the smartphone to directly control the pan position. Moving the smartphone around 360 degrees moves the pan position around the edge of the surround field.

V-Panner Smartphone

First Touch Screen Controller for Dolby Atmos Plug-in

V-Panner now includes a Dolby AtmosĀ® pan screen for controlling the Dolby Atmos plug-in in Pro Tools. When using an iPad, V-Panner and V-ConsoleĀ  can connect directly to the computer, without WiFi, using the Apple lightning to USB, or 30-pin to USB, cables which provides ultra-fast response and compatibility with secure facilities. The new Dobly Atmos feature is also available in the V-Panner app for Android tablets and phones as well as for iPhones and laptop browsers.

The Dolby Atmos plug-in is used to create spatial 3D panning for object tracks in Pro Tools on the dubbing stage. The 3D panning data from the Dolby Atmos plug-in is sent to the Dolby Rendering and Mastering Unit otherwise known as the RMU together with direct audio output of the object track. The new Dolby Atmos pan screen in the V-Panner and V-Console iPad app directly controls the object panning in the Dolby Atmos plug-in allowing for more creative movement control of the object from the iPad screen. This is the first and only touch-screen Dolby Atmos controller available.

The Dolby Atmos iPad screen includes controls for Z Elevation, and Wedge, Ceiling and Sphere Elevation modes as well as an object size control, mirroring controls in the plug-in.

iPad V-Panner Dolby Atmos with plugin iPad wired

Stereo Panning in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Cubase

V-Panner also controls stereo panning in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Cubase from iOS, Android and Web Browser devices including motion control from smartphone movement. This lets you control panning on Logic Pro X from an Android phone or tablet!

V-Panner Logic Pro X

OSX and Windows Browser Panning

You can also use V-Panner in a web browser from a 2nd workstation, laptop or even a Surface Pro. And you can use multiple devices, although Pro Tools only allows control of two pans at any one time. You could have an iPad and a smartphone together, changes on one device are reflected on the other.

Wired Connection for iPads

Unique to V-Control 2 systems is the ability to select hard-wired Lightning cable connection via USB, including via USB hubs, from iPads to the main media computer. This offers some major advantages over wi-fi:

  • Simpler setup especially on weaker wi-fi networks
  • Use when wi-fi is not allowed such as in some audio-post facilities
  • Use in venues or public places where wi-fi is non-existent or weak
  • Faster and more responsive as connection is not fighting for bandwidth from other wi-fi traffic
iPad V-Panner Lightning Cable