V-PlugIn Features

Direct Control of Spill Plug-in in Pro Tools

V-PlugIn is a revolutionary new iOS app from Neyrinck that directly connects to the Neyrinck Spill plug-in in Pro Tools for fast and simple touch-screen access to individual channels in a Pro Tools multi-channel track or group. It is available as a free download on the Apple App Store for iPads and iPhones and requires the V-Control Pro software to be installed on the Pro Tools computer to operate.

Learn more about the Spill plug-in from Neyrinck.

V-Plugin with iMac iPhone iPad

Mulit-Touch Fader Control of Spill

The Spill AAX Native or DSP plug-in can be placed on any Pro Tools multi-channel track, bus or master. In a 7.1 track, for example, Spill has 8 faders for adjusting each of the individual channels. The V-PlugIn app connects to all instances of the Spill plug-in via the V-Console Pro software that runs on the main OSX or Windows media computer.

In the V-PlugIn app, simply select the Pro Tools track from the left margin and control multiple channel faders on the screen with your fingers just like on a hardware console.


iPad and iPhone Control

V-PlugIn works on iPhones and iPads, each screen shows the number of faders matching the Pro Tools format of the track, up to 8 faders for 7.1. The iPad version includes a list of tracks that have instances of Spill on the left side for fast access, this same list of tracks can be accessed on the iPhone version from the Select Track button at the top.

The iPad version can directly connect to the media computer via a hard-wired Lightning cable connection via USB, including via USB hubs.The iPad and iPhone versions can also connect via wifi.

V-PlugIn for iPad and iPhone