V-PlugIn Install

V-PlugIn is a free app that can be installed on iPhone and iPads and is available from the Apple App Store for controlling the Neyrinck AAX Spill plug-in in Pro Tools.It requires Neyrinck’s V-Control Pro software to be installed on the main media workstation/laptop to connect V-PlugIn to instances of the Spill plug-in in Pro Tools.

Purchase a V-Control-Pro Bundle license for full featured operation

Download Spill Plug-in Including 7-day Free Trial

V-Plugin with iMac iPhone iPad

Install V-PlugIn on iPad and iPhone

V-PlugIn is a native iOS app for iPad and iPhone.

  • Read these instructions before clicking the Install button
  • Launch V-Control Pro on your host media computer
  • Go to the Apple App Store to install by clicking the Install button below from your iPad or iPhone
  • Launch V-PlugIn from the home screen
  • In the V-PlugIn settings, tap ‘Connection’ and select the host computer running V-Control Pro
  • You should now see the device appear in the ‘Setups’ section of V-Control Pro

Settings Button for Connecting to the Host Computer and V-PlugIn Manual

Settings ButtonThe settings button is a small cog icon found at the top of the V-PlugIn screen. Use it to connect to the main media host computer and for accessing the operational guide that is built into the app.


V-PlugIn is compatible with the following devices:

  • iOS Devices 8.4+
  • V-PlugIn is only compatible with controlling the AAX Spill plug-ins in Pro Tools on a Mac OSX or Windows Media Computer running V-Control Pro software